Benefits of Buying Property in Under-Construction Projects

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Investing in real estate can be a significant decision, and opting for under-construction projects presents unique advantages. Agrawal’s Property Consulting offers insights into why this option might be ideal for you, especially if you’re considering property in vibrant locations like Andheri, Mumbai.


Affordability is a major draw of under-construction properties. Buyers often find that these projects are priced lower compared to ready-to-move-in options. This price difference can be attributed to the early stage of construction, providing a financial advantage for early investors. As the project progresses, the value of the property typically increases, leading to substantial gains by the time of completion.

 Ample Choices

When you invest in a project that’s still under construction, you get the luxury of choice. From selecting the floor to the view, under-construction projects offer a range of options that ready-to-move properties might not. Many developers allow buyers to suggest modifications or choose finishes, ensuring the final property aligns with their personal taste and requirements.

Modern Amenities and Design

Investing in modern projects guarantees access to the latest designs and amenities. Developers of new projects incorporate contemporary trends and facilities, ensuring that your future home or office space is equipped with modern comforts and conveniences.

Payment Flexibility

Under-construction properties often come with easier payment plans. Developers usually require a small percentage of the total cost upfront, with the remainder payable over the construction period. This staggered payment system can ease the financial burden on buyers.

Higher Returns on Investment

For those looking into commercial and residential projects as an investment, under-construction properties can offer higher returns. The initial lower purchase price combined with the appreciation by the project’s completion can result in significant profits.

RERA Benefits

With the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), investing in under-construction properties has become more secure. RERA mandates transparency and accountability, ensuring that your investment is safeguarded.

Early Bird Advantages

Early investors in under-construction projects often benefit from promotional offers and discounts. Developers are keen to attract initial buyers and may offer attractive terms, including lower prices or additional amenities at no extra cost.

Growing Infrastructure

Investing in an under-construction property in a developing area can yield long-term benefits as the surrounding infrastructure grows. These areas often see enhancements in connectivity, commercial developments, and public amenities, thereby boosting the property’s value and appeal.

Long-Term Planning

For buyers not in immediate need of occupancy, under-construction properties provide the advantage of time. This period can be used for financial planning or even accumulating funds for interior design and furnishings, ensuring a smooth transition when the property is ready.


Investing in under-construction properties offers a blend of affordability, choice, modern amenities, flexible payments, and potential high returns. Agrawal’s Property Consulting specializes in guiding clients

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